About Mishti


What is Mishti Doi?

Worldwide culinary experts recognise Mishti Doi as a delicious homemade dessert made with lots of love and tons of sugar. But Mishti is also a philosophy of life and a way of understanding children's fashion, by investing the same dose of love and sweetness with which this traditional recipe is made.

With the same touching spirit that mothers and grandmothers prepare their Indian sweets, Mishti is born in Spain combining extensive retail experience and a passion for children's fashion. Our goal is to turn the simple into special: from including a small detail, choosing the highest quality fabrics, selecting a particular colour, or adding a bow or a stamp, we ensure the manufacture of a distinct product. Every detail is important when creating a garment. The result is both comfortable and original clothing, with a stylish touch that shows our love for a job well-done. We cherish to create sweet, relaxed and attractive clothing that always looks good on children while allowing them to freely perform their daily activities.

All our collections are designed in Spain. By manufacturing the vast majority of our clothes nationally and using of high-end fabrics, we provide the best guarantee of high quality garments.

Mishti is a return to your childhood: to the games, the dreams, the memories, the hopscotch, jump rope and ball games… A return to fantasy animals and little noses spotted with chocolate… Mishti is a children’s world where absolutely everything is possible. We invite you to take part in our little universe and to share this dream with us.